6889593T3TRS 43240

4500 Roof System, 12V/380V (-20°C)

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Описание товара

Part Number: TRS 43240

PDFскачать: TRS 43240

Transport Refrigeration With Stand-By 4500 Roof System, 12V/380V (-20°C) includes:Condenser , Evaporator, Hot gas defrost, Automatic Temp. Control, Origiclamp Fittings and Hoses, Installation Kit, Wire Harness, Water Drain Hose, Compressor.


Product Part Number
Transport Refrigeration Condensers & Evaporators
TRCH-4001, for Evap. 4.0 Kw
TRE-4002, -20°C
 2290357T33010-615 Refrigeration hose set for Transport Refrigeration + Stand-by with Origiclamp Fittings & Hardware (12 Mtr.) 3010-615
Commercial Vehicles Engine Kits
4262385T1Bracket Commercial Vehicles Engine Kits
Recommendation: To complete the system, please press on «Select» and choose from our range of Engine Kit.
Parts Catalogue
Compressor SD7H15 8025/8228 (Hor. 6PV)
Attention: The system is being supplied with standard compressor. If different compressor is required, please press on «Replace».


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