Titanium-Line of S-Series and K-Series Lifts
Titanium-Line of S-Series and K-Series Lifts2Titanium-Line of S-Series and K-Series Lifts3Titanium-Line of S-Series and K-Series Lifts4

Titanium™ Line of S-Series® and K-Series® Lifts

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The new heavy-duty Ricon Titanium Line of S-Series and K-Series wheelchair lifts feature the industry-leading Ricon Safety Zone, advanced engineering and patented applications that deliver the most reliable, high capacity, low-maintenance performance. The Titanium Line design includes many exclusive best-in-class features for all paratransit applications.

Описание товара

  • FMVSS and ADA Compliant
  • True 1,000lb (454 kg) load capacity
  • 3-Year limited warranty
  • Dura-Touch™ hand control pendant
  • Dual twist-n-lock pendant connection points
  • EZ-Roll™ platform to vehicle transition
  • Rollerized outboard rollstop

For complete features and specifications, download the Titanium Line product brochure.






Download PDF brochure




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