3785937T1TRB-026 12 0

TRB 00210

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TRB-026 12V (0°C) Battery Driven set

Описание товара

Part Number: TRB 00210

TRB-026 12V (0°C) Battery Driven set includes: Condenser , Evaporator, Hot gas defrost, Automatic Temp. Control, Origiclamp Fittings and Hoses, Installation Kit, Wire Harness, Water Drain Hose, Compressor.

Recommendation: To complete the unit,  please add the Engine Kit  P.n. : 2000- _ _ _



Product Part Number
Transport Refrigeration Condensers & Evaporators
2897859T3TRCSB 1000 TRCB-026, Battery driven  4147-026
9152258T3TRE 1000 new (2153) TRE-021, +0°C, R134a  4120-021
5450464T33010-650 Origiclamp Hose-set for TRCB connected to TRE (1.5 Mtr.)  3010-650
0261441T35910-235 Compressor SD7H15 8025/8228 (Hor. 6PV)  5910-235
Attention: The system is being supplied with standard compressor. If different compressor is required, please press on «Replace».

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